Monday, September 26, 2016

Song #271: "Perfect Way"--Scritti Politti (1985)

Well, this may be in the running for quintessential one-hit wonder song of the mid-1980's.

I think our Song #464 might be under consideration, too, but today's tune didn't enjoy the advantage of being featured in a Brat Pack movie, either, although it did receive new publicity in 2010 in a movie I'm proud to say I never saw, "Hot Tub Time Machine". They actually made a sequel of that, you know, creatively called "Hot Tub Time Machine 2", but I'm really digressing here.

There were never any members of this group named Scritti or Politti, and this was their one contribution to the Eighties music scene.

Little known fact, the year after this hit, the great Miles Davis covered the song, and it became a staple in his live performances for a time.

It's got everything a song in the mid-80's asked for: synthesizers, dreamy male vocals, stylish hair, mesmerizing beat. When I hear it, I'm immediately transported to Lenox, Massachusetts and my freshman year in college.

No, I didn't have stylish hair, but I did, by mid-semester, have a beard.  :)

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