Saturday, September 03, 2016

Song #294: "Rough Boys"--Pete Townshend (1980)

Released as the first single in Great Britain, the third single in the United States, from his "Empty Glass" LP, it is the second of five solo contributions from the longtime member of The Who, Pete Townshend.

It's the first cut on the album as well, so, the first time you dropped the needle on the record, you get the very memorable guitar lick opening. It was the perfect song to kick off the first truly solo work of Townshend's career.

The most successful song, commercially, from "Empty Glass" was "Let My Love Open The Door". We'll see down the road if it, or any other tunes from this album make our countdown. A brief hint here, the final contribution by Townshend in my Top 500 will come quite later. Is that vague, yet specific, enough?  :)

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