Sunday, April 02, 2017

Song #83: "Four Little Diamonds"--Electric Light Orchestra (1983)

In the five years between ELO's final Top 10 hit, "Hold On Tight", and the final Top 20 hit, "Calling America", came their 1983 "Secret Messages" release.

Best known for the song "Rock 'n Roll Is King", the third single released in the Fall of 1983, to me, was the hidden gem of the album. Radio didn't care for it and it never appeared with Casey Kasem on American Top 40, in fact, not even close.

But this song is fantastic, the story of a man searching for the lover who spurned him, cheated on him, and took away a pretty expensive ring. He makes it very clear that he'll take the law into his own hands if "the law don't get her".....

A feel-good beat and rhythm to a message of heartbreak. One of the amazing things rock 'n roll can do. This is the seventh of nine ELO songs in our musical journey.  :)

Oh, and by the way, this song has one of the greatest openings ever.


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