Saturday, April 08, 2017

Song #77: "Hold The Line"--Toto (1978)

It's October, 1978. We're about to get a World Series rematch between the Dodgers and the Yankees, and disco dominated the airwaves. I was settled into my first semester in sixth grade in Mr. Taylor's class at beloved Beaverdam Elementary School.

And, coming out of our radio speakers for the first time was the group Toto, and what a debut it was. It was a song that was the perfect "counter play" so to speak, for a Top 40 radio format deluged with one disco song after another.

Toto had a very underrated career, in my opinion, and they've now appeared four times here in the Top 500. For me, their best work was their first. "Hold The Line" will stand the test of time. It has for 39 years, and will be just as powerful, just as fresh, 39 years from now.  :)

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