Sunday, April 30, 2017

Song #55: "Does Your Mother Know?"--Abba (1979)

Welcome back to the incredible music Summer of 1979, and to my all-time favorite Abba song.

The first single from their "Voulez-Vous" album, none of us at the time knew that we were coming to the final stage of a meteoric career for the Swedish quartet who sold an unbelievable amount of albums in the 1970's, all the while absorbing a lot of criticism from music "critics" for their bubble gum style.

Abba didn't care. They laughed all the way to bank, and a new generation discovered them on Broadway thanks to "Mamma Mia" many years later.

This song is quintessential Abba, a simple premise musically and very sing-along. And I sang along, over and over and over, back as I began Year 13 of my life.

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