Saturday, April 15, 2017

Song #70: "I Saw Her Standing There"--The Beatles (1963)

Today, the eighth and final contribution from the most iconic musical group of the rock era.

After leading off The Beatles' 1963 LP, "Please Please Me", this song was placed on the other side of the 45 RPM single for "I Want To Hold Your Hand" by Capitol Records for American release at the end of the year. Of course, the A-side was red hot when the Fab Four made their unforgettable appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in February, 1964, but as weeks progressed, "I Saw Her Standing There" found its way onto the charts, and broke the Top 20.

In junior high, I would get up in the morning, as I had the house to myself by 5AM. I'd get up and jam to favorite songs before having to hit the bus for the long, two-bus trek to Liberty Junior High School my eighth grade year.

I had a group of songs that I would play on the record player every morning, a morning routine if you would. "Coming Up" from Paul McCartney, featured a couple of weeks back, was part of it, another song still to come was, too, as was today's song.

It's one of many Lennon-McCartney "two-minute powerhouse collaborations", but it's my favorite.

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