Thursday, April 27, 2017

Song #58: "Question"--The Moody Blues (1970)

It was the merging of two half-completed songs into one that created the second biggest single in Moody Blues history, a song perfect for its time back when it was released as the Vietnam War dragged on and on and on, and good to pick up again in 2017, where we find ourselves with some air of uncertainty in the world around us.

While the song certainly had social and political messages, the "other half" of the song was certainly a love song, the search for someone that would transform one's life.

The uniqueness of this song makes it an anthem at Moody Blues concerts, and, as part of the homestretch of Act II, when the great John Lodge thanks us for being a part of their journey, not just that night, but for many years, he always leaves us with one word which sends the crowd into an anticipated frenzy.


And, again, we're honored to go into 20 minutes of musical heaven from The Moody Blues. We'll hear from them four more times before June 23rd.  :)

NOTE: Today's video was taken in Charlotte, North Carolina last year, three days after they were in Richmond. This was the concert where my long-time friend Janice Lloyd Thompson attended!  :)

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