Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Song #67: "Better Days (And The Bottom Drops Out)"--Citizen King (1999)

Now, eighteen years removed from the revolutionary year of 1999 for me personally, I'm still trying to figure out how in the world Rob Witham and Citizen King ever found each other.

I'm thinking maybe via, at the time, B103.7, since, on the good ol' morning newspaper route, by the time I was close to wrapping up, I would occasionally flip over there once I had gotten all the morning information I needed, first from WCBS in New York, then from future co-workers Tim Timberlake and John Harding on WRVA.

It was the last song that, when it grabbed me, it shook me like songs used to when I was a kid, having to, at least, record it off the radio, and then, later, go to the record store and get the 45. In fact, I did record it off the radio with my old 1990's era boom box (I wish I still had that contraption!), so I could listen to it as much as I wanted in the ol' blue minivan.

That, of course, meant the kids would hear it a lot, too, as this was during my third and final summer as the stay-at-home Dad. In fact, if I dig deep enough in my cassette library somewhere in this house, I should be able to find the time, a couple of years later, where I had Robbie and Rachel in one of our production rooms at Clear Channel. I recorded them singing along to the song.

Hmmm.....gotta get my hands on that one.  :)

From a massive one-hit wonder, here's Citizen King, and a song that makes me think of The House The Withams Built (But Never Lived In) and Summer Parent/Kid Bowling League. Good times.  :) :)

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