Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Song #66: "The Voice"--The Moody Blues (1981)

Today, the second of four songs from the album that really opened the Moody Blues door to me, "Long Distance Voyager", 36 summers ago.

The song led off the album and was the second radio single after "Gemini Dream". I hated the radio edit, which eliminated the classic opening.

Somehow, my vinyl copy of this album got irretrievably warped while I was up in college, but, I do remember my great friend and colleague, the late "Mr. Mike", Mike Rancourt, throwing down the full version of this song on his overnight shift for me after I had returned to Pittsfield from Springfield, Massachusetts, the site of my first Moody Blues concert in October, 1986.

To my friend, Suzanne Smith, who went to the show with me, thank you again for the evening! It would be almost 18 years before I would see them again. So blessed to be able to go at least one more time come July at Wolf Trap.  :)

Appropriate thoughts when considering the line, "oh, won't you tell me again tonight" from today's song.  :)

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