Monday, April 17, 2017

Song #68: "I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do"--Abba (1975)

Recorded in 1975, and released in America early in 1976, comes Abba's second major hit after "Waterloo", the song they used in the Eurovision Song Contest (think "American Idol"), and won with, starting what would be one of the greatest runs by any group in any era of music.

Abba has a unique sound, but this song is even unique inside of that realm. It doesn't have the fast pace of songs like "Take A Chance On Me" or "Mamma Mia", and, especially at the start, sounds like a jam started at a seedy nightclub on the wrong side of town. But as soon as the vocals hit, you'll feel like you're at the exclusive lounge uptown that is by invitation only.

It's the fifth of six Abba songs in the Top 500, so we'll visit Sweden by way of Abba once more this spring.  :)

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