Friday, April 21, 2017

Song #64: "Red Rubber Ball"--Cyrkle (1966)

We go back 51 years today for a song I discovered in college of all places, thanks to my first professional radio job. I mentioned a dear friend and colleague, "Mr. Mike" Rancourt a couple of days ago. He did the overnight shift on WUPE-FM, and I got to know him originally from my first airshift assignment, which was following his Saturday Night Oldies show.

From that show, I first was exposed to this short but sweet song about a guy who exits a relationship and decides, rather than sit around and mope about that which was lost, he's going to look positively towards the next chapter of his life.

So, rather than the sun rising on the "new day" being a searing object burning him, he looks at it with the joy and optimism that we all did as kids when we got a red rubber ball in our hands. We started to play, and have fun.

Not a bad outlook.  :)

Happy Friday!

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