Monday, April 24, 2017

Song #61: "For You"--The Outfield (1990)

The backstory with me and this song is rather strange. In reality, when it released 27 years ago, I only heard it a handful of times flipping through the radio as, by this time, I was fully immersed in my work as Music Director (and several other titles) for WDYL, and 98 percent of my music time was spent with Contemporary Christian Music, between deciding charts and rotations, listening to new music for possible airplay, and, of course, as Operations Manager, listening to my on-air personalities.

But for as little as I heard today's song, it struck a chord, and I, for years, did not know the song's title or who the artist was, not, at the time, putting two and two together to match the sound of this song to say, The Outfield's other work.

The mystery eventually unraveled, and I even got a copy of the song thanks to my friend Doug Sharp. It's been a favorite ever since the mysterious first time I heard it, and here it is for you now.

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