Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Song #81: "Couple Days Off"--Huey Lewis and The News (1991)

In the period between 1982 and 1987, after the successes of Michael Jackson and Madonna, you could argue that, as a hit-making machine, no one else was more successful than Huey Lewis and The News.

The group had twelve top ten hits and sang one of the most iconic movie soundtrack songs of the decade with "The Power Of Love" from "Back To The Future" in 1985. Huey and The News were all over radio for over half of the decade.

So, after a small pause, the group returned with a new CD in 1991, and from it, my favorite song from the group. It's quirky, a bit disjointed in a good way, and, I think, their best "jam", though some of you may counter that argument with "Hip To Be Square" or "I Want A New Drug".

I think we all can agree with the premise of the song. A little time off does everybody some good.  :)

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