Friday, March 17, 2017

Song #99: "Subdivisions"--Rush (1982)

Coming off the heels of their #1 U.S. Rock hit "New World Man", Rush released today's song, and rock radio ate it up, too.

So did I.

After careful consideration, "Subdivisions" is my all-time favorite Rush song. First, phenomenal music and production values. Secondly, the message of the song was very timely to a guy just completing two miserable years of junior high school from a social standpoint. Mind you, I had made a group of friends, but I didn't fit in much anywhere else.

I knew all too well about the "subdivisions" dividing Liberty Junior High School. "Be cool or be cast out", the song says. Millions of teenagers know that, then, and now, all too well.

I'm hoping one day at somewhat quirky, and always challenging social experiments such as middle and high school, kids won't be so quick to build subdivisions. One can only hope.

Meanwhile, I can enjoy my favorite Rush song. There were four overall in the Rob Witham 500. :)

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