Monday, March 06, 2017

Song #110: "Black Coffee In Bed"--Squeeze (1982)

Those of us who listened to radio stations like XL102, DC101 and 3WV back in 1982 got exposed to so many of the great songs of that era that listeners of strictly Top 40 stations like Q94 simply didn't hear.

Today's song is a perfect example. And it came at a perfect time after my first serious relationship came to a close in mid-summer, and I had about five weeks to psych myself up and get ready for the petrifying thought of......high school.

I did not follow the song's blueprint and go out with a friend with lips full of passion and coffee in bed, but I did listen to this song tons and tons in what I remember as an unforgettable summer of music.

Music was my refuge, and, many long summer nights, not just that summer, but every night growing up, music was my very, very good friend.

Another Squeeze tune, "Tempted", just missed the Top 500, so here now enjoy their contribution to our musical journey.

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