Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Song #102: "Amnesia"--Chumbawumba (1998)

It's a Sunday morning, and the Withams are packed up in the van, heading down I-295 for another great Sunday School and Worship Service at Bethlehem Congregational Church.

That means it was time to tune in "Radio Disney" for their weekly countdown to pass the 50-minute drive away. We got to hear lots of good tunes from Sunday to Sunday, but one is most memorable.

Radio Disney played a special version of the song where, after the chorus, you have a father-like figure asking children about their homework, and eating their vegetables.

The beat is very hypnotic, and it's very fun to sing along with, especially with, say, an eight and a three year old.

So, climb in the van with us and get ready to not remember!  :)

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