Sunday, March 12, 2017

Song #104: "The Other Side Of Life"--The Moody Blues (1986)

It's the Summer of 1986, and I'm working literally every day for WUHN-AM and WUPE-FM in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, opting not to come home for the summer and choosing instead to work as much as I could to gain valuable on-air and other experience in the world of radio.

Among the soundtrack choices of that summer was the follow-up single to The Moody Blues' big hit, "Your Wildest Dreams", which is today's song. It is also the tenth of twenty Moody Blues songs to make the Top 500, meaning, yes, a full ten percent of the Top 100 will belong to Justin, John, Graeme, and company.

Here's "The Other Side Of Life", which clocked in at 4:56 and faded out, by the way, as I remember the cart label.  This, though, below, is the extended version.  You know how we like them.  :)

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