Friday, March 24, 2017

Song #92: "1999"--Prince (1982)

The title track from Prince's 1982 album, now considered a classic anthem from his incredibly deep musical library, really didn't do all that well on the charts when it was first released late in the year. But, after "Little Red Corvette" had a successful radio run, "1999" was re-released, and performed well in the Summer of 1983, which is when I remember discovering it.

There's not a flaw in this one. The opening drum riff leading into the synthesizer warming up the classic melody, then deeper into the song where you can sing along to the chorus time after time.

I remember jamming to the tune with my headphones on wondering, will we get to 1999? Get this: we are now as close to the year 2035 as we are removed from 1999. Yikes!

Sadly, there is no version of the song on YouTube, so a rare instance where I can't bring you the chance to enjoy the song of the day.  :(

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