Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Song #87: "What Do All The People Know?"--The Monroes (1982)

From San Diego, California comes one of many "one-hit wonders" of the 1980's, some whose hit was major, others, in the case of The Monroes, was not.

Thankfully, it got just enough radio airplay 35 years ago that I discovered it, and worked as hard as I could to record the song off the radio. Yes, we still were doing that back in 1982. In fact, by that summer, my mode of recording had changed, as my brother so nicely gave me a stereo before he moved to North Carolina (sigh....) which included, yes, an 8-track recorder/player!

So, I'm out and about back then trying to find very cheap 8-track tapes, not to listen to, but to record over. How I wish I still had the collection today. Of course, I'd need a way to play them, but that's beside the point.  :)

Here's a song some of you know, and many of you will either have never heard before, or your memory will be jarred when you hit "play" below.  :)

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