Thursday, March 09, 2017

Song #107: "Walkin' In L.A."--Missing Persons (1983)

Today, the highest debut in the Top 500 by an artist/group that has a minimum of three songs listed. It took over a year for the first of three songs from Dale Bozzio and the group Missing Persons to, no pun intended, appear.

Sadly, Missing Persons never had a single crack the Top 40. But it was the 1980's, and by then, you could get popular in other ways, even before the advent of the Internet.

Missing Persons became pretty popular on MTV, and very popular in multiple major cities. Those of us outside of both realms who were blessed to have cool rock stations that still accepted the more "new wave" kind of acts also were exposed to their unique sound.

From their "Spring Session M" release, the first of three entries from Missing Persons, which, if memory serves me correctly, was part of the soundtrack of my incredible Spring of 1983.  :)

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