Monday, March 13, 2017

Song #103: "Something About You"--Boston (1976)

Today, we give a final salute to, perhaps, the greatest debut album in rock music history, as I reveal my favorite song from Boston.

For all the great hits found on "Boston", released almost 41 years ago, songs you still hear on classic rock radio today from "More Than A Feeling" to "Long Time", I am very partial to a song from side two which begins very quietly and with great introspective power, then, breaks out into that classic Boston sound.

That sound carried a message of a man who, despite his faults, wants so badly to love, take care of, and please the woman he loves.

Thank you Boston for fantastic music, and the great trivia question of my teenage years, "When's the third Boston album coming out?" You answered that in 1986.  :)

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