Thursday, March 30, 2017

Song #86: "Do I Do"--Stevie Wonder (1982)

I am in complete agreement with anyone who will testify to the musical genius that is Stevie Wonder.

The catalog that Wonder has compiled over fifty plus years is nothing short of astounding. So, I suspect some of you will be underwhelmed with the two songs by Wonder that made my Top 500, as opposed to some other classics that didn't make it.

"Sir Duke", "I Wish", "Superstition", "Master Blaster", "Send One Your Love", "Isn't She Lovely", they all made consideration. I love those songs! But in the end, my favorite Stevie Wonder song made its debut 35 years ago on his "Stevie Wonder's Original Musiquarium I" album, a "greatest hits" of sorts that encompassed some of Wonder's best work.

To wrap up side four of the second album, Wonder unleashes a ten and a half minute jam extravaganza, complete with an appearance by the incomparable Dizzy Gillespie, and, near the end, a guy named Earl.  :)

As always, I post the original (i.e.--long) version of tunes here, so, Take Ten and enjoy another of the many pieces of musical genius from the mind, heart, and soul of Stevie Wonder.

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