Saturday, March 11, 2017

Song #105: "Glory Days"--Bruce Springsteen (1984)

June, 1984 was a really good month at the record store.

"Born In The U.S.A." by Bruce Springstreen hits streets on June 4, then, three weeks later, buoyed by the monster radio success already generated from "When Doves Cry", here came the soundtrack to Prince's motion picture "Purple Rain".

While Purple Rain would dominate the Summer of 1984 and generate massive sales, as the calendar turned over to 1985, the last Prince single, "Take Me With U", only managed to climb to #25 on the chart. Meanwhile, The Boss was just getting started.

"Dancing In The Dark" got us going in the Summer of 1984 (complete with a Courteney Cox video appearance, jumping on stage to dance with Springsteen long before anyone knew her), followed by "Cover Me" and the title track.

In 1985, the haunting "I'm On Fire" climbed the charts, setting the stage for today's tune. Now, by the time it was released to Top 40 radio on May 31, 1985, many of us already knew and absolutely loved the song, thanks in part to AOR Radio grabbing it early, and, of course, by buying the album, as I did.

So, I couldn't have been happier that a song that talks about looking back at the glory days of your life was suddenly everywhere on radio just as I was wrapping up my first significant era of "Glory Days", high school.

"Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina and The Waves was the soundtrack to the Summer of '85, "Into The Groove" by Madonna the dance tune,

But it was definitely "Glory Days" that stood out as the anthem of that summer. And now, I sit here, 32 years later, believing I have much more than just "boring stories".  :)

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