Friday, March 31, 2017

Song #85: "22,000 Days"--The Moody Blues (1981)

Today, it's the 12th of 20 songs from The Moody Blues to appear in the Top 500, and more notably, the first of four songs in the Top 85 from their 1981 "Long Distance Voyager" release,  one of my favorite albums of all time.

"Long Distance Voyager" was my real introduction to The Moody Blues. Had I heard "Nights In White Satin" or "Tuesday Afternoon" on the radio prior to that? Sure. But this was the first Moodies LP that I went out and bought, based on my love for the first single from the album, "Gemini Dream", which will appear later in the countdown.

Upon spinning the LP, I discovered more than just the radio hits, including today's anthem reminding us that, on average, we've got a certain amount of time here on planet earth. The Bible tells us "...three score and ten" is pretty good. That's 70 years.

22,000 days equals out to about 60 1/4 years. Today's lesson? Use them wisely.  :)

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