Thursday, March 23, 2017

Song #93: "Five Minutes Of Funk"--Whodini (1984)

Several years removed from the foundation of hip hop with "Rapper's Delight" from Sugar Hill Gang, the period from mid-1982 through 1985 produced a bevy of artists and music which, while holding on to either some R&B or some pop music elements, or both, clearly were continuing to clear the path for a future musical format that would become a monster success.

There were really multiple paths to what became "hip hop", from underground, to one coming straight from R&B to one with pop elements, hybrids as well.

Today, it is Whodini's contribution to this time period with a driving beat, fantastic premise, space age sound, and a very good rapper.

As you've seen if you have taken even a cursory look at my Top 500, you'll find plenty of variety. Here is another example. When I introduced this song to my kids when they were young, they went head over heels for it. Needless to say, we would have many "Five Minutes Of Funk" sessions, especially driving to school in the morning.

Now, for some help from the maestro, if you please.....  :)

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