Sunday, January 01, 2017

Song #174: "The Royal Mile (Sweet Darlin')"--Gerry Rafferty (1980)

From his "Snakes and Ladders" release comes what ended up being the final successful radio single for Gerry Rafferty, and the second of four tunes that made my Top 500, as I was, and continue to be, a huge Rafferty fan.

There are two songs to go, which we will hear in this new year of 2017! Thanks so much for being with us this far into this look back at my favorite music. I know I've had a few people unfriend me on Facebook, likely because of this (at least I know it wasn't due to political postings!!), but that's okay. This is a project I first thought about maybe eight to ten years ago, and I'm so proud of the fact that I actually had the discipline to make it happen.

I also hope it's brought back a good memory or two for you, too, and, believe me, at least in my view, the best is yet to come as we head to June 23, the #1 song, and my 50th birthday.  :)

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