Monday, January 16, 2017

Song #159: "Ride My See Saw"--The Moody Blues (1968)

From "In Search Of A Lost Chord", this hit single from the Moody Blues from 1968 has become their encore anthem to conclude all of their fantastic concerts.

It's a great choice, because, as the audience, we're already so psyched up from the show, especially the final 25 minutes of Act II, that you can just go into absolute full party mode when they return with this gem.

If you've never seen me dance, go into the flow of music in any way at any time, I promise, if you're with me when Ride My See Saw begins at a Moody Blues concert, you'll see it. And you'll likely wish you could hit erase.  :)

But, even with all the health challenges I've had the past several years, I allow myself a good exercise with this, the seventh of twenty songs in our countdown by my favorite band.

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