Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Song #165: "Generals And Majors"--XTC (1980)

Today's song only hit #104 on the Billboard singles chart, but hit the Top 40 in their native Great Britain, and, I believe the reason why I was familiar with the song was because my favorite radio station at the time, Q107 in Washington, D.C., had the guts to play this song for awhile in a Top 40 or "CHR" format.

But Q107 was unique as a Top 40 station during its brief stint at brilliance. Their morning team was Dude Walker, whose voice you have undoubtedly heard on voiceovers on radio stations for decades along with other work, and his newsman/sidekick was the one and only Doug Limerick, who went on to a huge career at ABC Radio as an anchor, and, for a long time, as Paul Harvey's fill-in when Harvey was away from the microphone.

Afternoon drive was handled by Joe Cipriano, who you know as the voice of Fox Television comedy show promos. Heard a "Simpsons" promo? That's Joe.

Then, from 6-10pm was Uncle Johnny, who had more personality in his thumb than 90 percent of all disc jockeys ever hired. He was a nut, in a good way, and made evening listening fun. Sandi Weaver was next, hosting the "Top Five At Ten" at 10pm, the first station I heard do that feature, which I immediately fell in love with.

Then there was the Q lady, Chris Delisle, on their TV commercial (below), which ended with "Q107 is a remarkable radio station!" It most certainly was. Too bad the magic ended when they wooed "Elliott and Woodside" from rival WPGC to host mornings, replacing Walker and Limerick. The station was never the same after that.

There's another song happening later in the countdown (that few of you will even know exists) that is thanks to the geniuses who programmed music at Q107 at the time. That radio station, in 1980, was just about perfect.

From it, today's song, our one entry from XTC.  :)

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