Saturday, January 07, 2017

Song #168: "Working Girl"--The Members (1982)

It is the only song from this British group to crack the American charts, peaking at #35 on the mainstream rock chart. You had to be an XL 102 or 3WV fan in the first quarter of 1983 to get to hear this gem, an anthem to guys who want to goof off all day while their woman works, hoping to get lucky later that night.

The ultimate lazy man song. Can't agree with the premise, but it's sure fun to sing to. I know I won't ever be known by this song. Heck, at Target there's a cashier who knows me as "the guy who buys his wife's yogurt". Gotta keep her happy, you know.  :)

Shop by day, cover games by night. By the way, good luck to my "Working Girl" who starts her new job on Monday!!

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