Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Song #157: "Thunder Island"--Jay Ferguson (1977)

About 12 months after yesterday's entry, "The Things We Do For Love" by 10CC debuted on radio, we first heard Jay Ferguson and his story of what goes on out on Thunder Island as 1977 drew to a close, and I continued laboring hard in Mrs. Hartsell's fifth grade class at Beaverdam Elementary.

That was one of my favorite years of school, good ol' fifth grade. Except for the part where I got ripped off the ladder of the sliding board one morning before school on the playground, landing on my left side and ripping a nice gash in my left elbow (I still have a scar to this day).

That's okay, one of my teachers, when he/she found out about it, exacted punishment on my classmate that I could never have done. It was, however, the closest I ever came to getting into a fight at school.

Now that we've gone completely off topic, let's see how I can tie these two things together.  Oh!

Ahem......and now, for a feel-good song filled with testosterone, it's Jay Ferguson and Thunder Island.

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