Saturday, January 28, 2017

Song #147: "Don't Pay The Ferryman"--Chris DeBurgh (1982)

Late in 1982, I got my first-ever taste of Chris DeBurgh, a UK-based artist born in Argentina, a member of the A&M Records label since 1974 who once toured with Supertramp.

This song, like many that I loved back in my high school days, was not a big Top 40 chart success, so you had to go to rock radio to discover it. Sure enough, XL102, 3WV, K94 and others gave this song the attention and exposure that it well deserved.

Not long later, DeBurgh would enjoy major chart success, but with a tune I would likely put in a countdown of my Top 100 Most Disliked Songs, "The Lady In Red".

If you missed this song back in its heyday, take four minutes and click the player below. This is Chris DeBurgh, and his contribution to our musical journey.

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