Sunday, January 22, 2017

Song #153: "Go For Soda"--Kim Mitchell (1985)

Time for some more full disclosure as our countdown continues.

1) I have never tasted a beer in my life. Ever. Not once. The smell, to me, is repulsive. When Robbie was very little and we passed the beer section at the store, I would point to it with a wretched looking face and call it "horse-pee", trying to instill a non-interest in it. Bless his heart, he took it, reversed it, and for years at the store would call out, "pee-horse, pee-horse!"  

2) Generally, I don't drink. I don't like wine, can't stand champagne, and there's nothing "stronger" I care to carry out of the ABC store in a paper bag.

3) I drank WAY too many sodas for 45 years. That's not the case any longer.

But, if you're young, and thinking of having "one more round" or "one for the road", today, Canadian Kim Mitchell reminds us all what sounded so old-fashioned when we came of age in the 1980's, but we find ourselves telling our kids the same thing now 30 plus years later:

"Might as well go for a soda, nobody drowns, nobody dies."

A 21st-Century remake, say, called "Go For Water" would be cool. 

I really, really, really loved this song my senior year of high school because of its great music, good instrumentation, and it made my opinion sound cool. For once.  :)

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