Sunday, January 08, 2017

Song #167: "Into The Groove"--Madonna (1985)

If "Walking On Sunshine" from Katrina and the Waves was the official party song of high school graduation in the Summer of 1985, and if "Glory Days" from Bruce Springsteen was the official "in the moment" song, both looking forward and back, trying to warn us how we'd feel now 31 years later, then today's song, my favorite song from Madonna, was the official "dance track" of the Summer of 1985.

Try to listen this song and not allow any part of your body to move.

Good luck with that.

This song immediately screamed, "TURN UP THE RADIO!!!", whether in the 1979 Chevette or in my bedroom with the headphones on, jamming to the stereo. It's an important part of the soundtrack of one of the biggest summers of my life, for sure.  :)

P.S.--To this day, I've never seen "Desperately Seeking Susan".  :)

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