Sunday, January 15, 2017

Song #160: "In The Stone"--Earth, Wind & Fire (1979)

It's incredibly hard to believe that today's song is the lone Top 500 contribution from the legendary group Earth, Wind & Fire, but it is. "In The Stone", which first reached audiences in the latter half of 1979, got some rub here in the Mid-Atlantic as it was chosen by C.D. Chesley to be its theme song for ACC Basketball broadcasts as the 1980's got underway.

It was a minor hit for the group, which found bigger success on this album, "I Am" with the hits "After The Love Has Gone" and a little tune called "Boogie Wonderland".

I think of so many good songs that were part of the soundtrack of my early years, from Shining Star and Sing A Song to Getaway, Serpentine Fire, and their final major hit, 1981's "Let's Groove".

But "In The Stone" is definitely my favorite from them, and not just for its connection to ACC Basketball, because there, you never heard the lyrics, or the fantastic ending. Enjoy both below!

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