Monday, January 09, 2017

Song #166: "Head To Toe"--Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam (1987)

Boy, did this song come out of nowhere during the late spring and summer back in 1987. Full disclosure story, during my time working overnight weekends at "Soft 96", WQSF-FM down in Williamsburg, during 20-25 music sweeps of the 101 Strings Orchestra and others whose sole musical purpose was to induce deep sleep, I would flip on my Sony Walkman, tune to a Top 40 station, and pray this song would come on to give me boost, especially since this wasn't available in 1987.

When it did, I jammed, and, when I was off the air, whether in the car or on the stereo, I maxed out the sound with this number. By now, I had my first "new" car, a 1987 Chevrolet Cavalier that was officially used since it was, I believe, either used by the dealership, or by a car rental company, for some time.

That car ended up getting us through the first three and a half years of our 14-year newspaper route odyssey in Raintree subdivision. I can tell you, by the time we had to trade it in shortly after Robbie's birth in 1992, we had utilized it......yeah, from head to toe.  :)

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