Sunday, June 18, 2017

Song #6: "Anything She Does"--Genesis (1986)

Today, the highest song in the countdown that was never released as a single to radio. It comes from Genesis' wildly successful "Invisible Touch" release, and it has a rather bawdy background, which probably explains why they invited the great British comedian Benny Hill to star in the song's music video.

My biggest memory of this song, however, has to do with my first official date with my then future wife.

It's October 17, 1987, and Bonnie and I would spend a Saturday night nervously picking at our food at the old Bonanza on Parham Road (where Aldi is today), following by some time walking around and shopping at Regency Square (which is in serious, but stable condition today). Right before I picked her up to begin the evening, I had been listening to my "Invisible Touch" cassette, and today's song came on. My date said the following:

"Um, if I'm going to be in your car, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't play that kind of music."

See, Bonnie came from a, putting it mildly, strict upbringing. So, being the respectful guy I hope I am, I complied and shut down Phil and company.

Fast forward thirty years later, and it's Bonnie's Hyundai that is tuned to Q94 and other stations, listening to music that I have little clue about (I get help to find what's popular so I make good bumper music for high school football broadcasts every fall.....).

So, needless to say, she's changed, a little.  Hee hee.....

When I hear today's song, I think of our first date, the life-changing year of 1987, and Benny Hill. Now, that's a combination.  :)

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