Monday, June 12, 2017

Song #12: "50/50"--Stephen Stills (1984)

It didn't get nearly the airplay it deserved back 33 years ago, so today's song certainly ranks among my favorite "hidden gems" of all-time.

From Mr. Stills' album 'Right By You", this song kicked off the LP, an anthem to how important work is in any relationship regarding love, how both parties must be equally invested (50-50), but also how each member must hold nothing back for it to be a success (or 100 at a time).

Add the seriously cool beat and instrumentation, and a good jam to close it out, and it's hard to beat this song. In fact, in my view, only eleven others did.

My thanks to Sara Sullivan, my former co-worker at Robinson Radio, who loved me enough to spend 99 cents on iTunes eight years ago to get me a copy of the song, which, at the time, I had not heard since high school (some 25 years). I still have the CD I burnt that only contains this tune to this day.

Jar your memory, or, introduce yourself to an absolute 80's classic below.  :)

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