Friday, June 09, 2017

Song #15: "Sharp Dressed Man"--ZZ Top (1983)

Ah, yes, three guys from Texas.  :)

ZZ Top has the distinction of being one of only two groups whose lone song in the Top 500 ranks in the Top 15, and it comes from the Summer of 1983, in the midst of a very successful period for the boys with long beards.

From "Eliminator", today's song was part of a string of hits for ZZ Top, from "Gimme All Your Lovin'" to "Legs", as well as a song that just missed our musical journey in "TV Dinners".

The Summer of '83 will be remembered for many things, but certainly two of them are today's song, and its music video. If you were a sixteen year old boy in 1983, the video was everything. Trust me.

This song grabbed me from its opening notes and, 34 years later, has not let go. Some of the best guitar playing ever came from ZZ Top, and its on full display here.

So, swing that right arm around and point to the left, then wag your finger in the air at the end of the chorus, and dream you were handed the keys to the Eliminator..... :)

Heck, they even had "Boris and Natasha" dancing by the end.  :)

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