Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Song #11: "Blue World"--The Moody Blues (1983)


Out of the twenty, count them, twenty songs from my favorite group in the Rob Witham 500, none of them are in the top ten, as today I reveal my favorite Moody Blues song of all.

Of course there's a story behind it.  :)

After great success with "Long Distance Voyager" in 1981 and before the even greater success of "Your Wildest Dreams" in 1986, there was the album "The Present", released in 1983. It did not yield the commercial radio success of the other albums noted above, in fact, only "Sitting At The Wheel" cracked the Top 40 back in my eleventh grade year.

Today's song was the first single, released in August, 1983, and it didn't do well. Now, I liked the song, and, unfortunately, you didn't hear it a lot on radio due to its lack of chart success.

Fast forward about fifteen years later. I'm a stay at home father of two, the van-driving, pick up the song from school, take him to t-ball practice guy who was the room mom, the team mom, all with Rachel in tow in her car seat with her ever-loving, steady personality.

I ordered "Anthology", the two-CD best of set from the Moodies, and listened to it in the car a lot during all those short trips from here to there. And guess which song Rachel began to enjoy, and sing along to, back in the day?

You guessed it. So, since either 1998 or 1999, when I hear "Blue World", I think of little Rachel in the back seat, juice cup in hand, singing her best when the chorus came on.

"Oooooooooooo earllllddddddddddd".

It was close enough.  :)

So, even though this is not played in concert (but can be heard over the speakers before the show as we all file in to our seats), "Blue World" is my favorite Moody Blues song of all time, because of the bond shared between a father and a daughter.  :)

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