Thursday, June 08, 2017

Song #16: "Synchronicity I"--The Police (1983)

1983 was a monster year for The Police thanks to the hit factory that was the album "Synchronicity".

Of course, you still hear "Every Breath You Take" all over the radio, while "Wrapped Around Your Finger", "King of Pain" and "Synchronicity II" each did well on the singles charts back in the day.

But there was a little ditty that opened the album that took my breath away (pun intended). I heard it just a few times on AOR radio, fell in love with it, then have to thank Sharon Swingle for allowing me to borrow her cassette copy of the album so I could play today's song over, and over, and over.

It's my favorite song from The Police, by leaps and bounds, and the perfect song to get your heart rate pumping as you get into the heart (pun intended again) of a workout. It's also a blast to sing along with in the car, as always, full blast.  :)

And, if someone did some digging,  I'd wonder if the song was the early forefather for the theme song to the television show "The Big Bang Theory".....

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