Saturday, June 10, 2017

Song #14: "Lessons In Love"--Level 42 (1987)

Our third and final contribution from the mid-1980's group Level 42 would become their last hit single. With three strong songs in our musical journey, it's hard to believe their "success" was all packaged within a period of about a year.

The final, and my favorite, song of their triumverate of hits graced the airwaves in the Spring/Summer of 1987 as I was spending a few nights a week driving down to Williamsburg to do the overnight shift on the former "Soft 96, WQSF", an opportunity to finally get my foot into the Richmond radio door after moving home from Pittsfield, Massachusetts as 1986 drew to a close.

Now, mind you, I had decided to leave college and return home in late October of '86, but, a few weeks later, the college announced it was closing due to financial problems, so, I would have had to come home anyway, ending my precious time at WUPE/WUHN, the place where I got my professional radio start, and a place very, very dear to my heart.

So, I enjoyed today's song many times either driving down I-64 and Route 60 heading to work, or cranking it coming back to Mechanicsville in order to stay awake after getting off at 6am.

Thank you, Level 42! Your time in the limelight may have been short, but your music was awesome.

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