Monday, June 05, 2017

Song #19: "All For Leyna"--Billy Joel (1980)

Around the same time that yesterday's song was on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, it was also being graced by the return of Billy Joel, who had just released what is, by far, my favorite album from him, "Glass Houses". In fact, to this day, it's still the only original release by Joel that I own(ed).

We all became familiar with "You May Be Right" and "It's Still Rock and Roll To Me', Joel wearing the skinny tie to fit in with the fashion of the dawning decade (fat ties? definitely out.....), and it prompted me to save $4.98 plus tax to buy the album.

Once I did, I got introduced to a gem, one that got some airplay on AOR radio, but, for the most part, you discovered it on the LP. The opening piano work screams angst and obsession, as the song goes into the story of the journey to find Leyna, a woman with which the man had, well, had a one-night stand with, and he wanted much more than that.

Being still 12, the "one night stand" portion didn't click with me; I heard a song about a desperate guy trying to be with the girl he was head over heels in love with. You genuinely feel the pain with every word Joel sings.

Enjoy my favorite Billy Joel song of all time. :)

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