Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Song #18: "Gemini Dream"--The Moody Blues (1981)

It will come to be a surprise to many that, although you now are well-versed concerning my deep love and affection for The Moody Blues, what you didn't know was I didn't become a fan until they released "Long Distance Voyager" in 1981, and when today's song first hit radio that year.

Sure, I'd heard some of their earlier classics on AOR radio from time to time, but to begin to dig their music, it was here. Now, 36 years later, I'm six weeks away from my eighth journey live with the band.

1981 was the perfect year for the group to, while stay true to its foundation, reinvent a thing or two, and reach a new group of fans, which they did, continuing that relationship through their next two releases in 1983 and 1986, the latter of which gave us "Your Wildest Dreams".

When I hear this song I go back in time to the Summer of 1981, my deep enjoyment of music that summer, my angst about another impending year in junior high school, and I feel much gratitude that this was the song that started it all for me and The Moody Blues.

Today, it's the song that usually begins the concert. And maybe again, July 20th, they'll look at all of us once more and say, "long time, no see, short time for you and me".  :)

My favorite song from my favorite band......coming soon. Some of you will be very surprised.

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