Thursday, June 01, 2017

Song #23: "People Of The South Wind"--Kansas (1979)

Back we go to 1979 for today's song, a masterpiece written by the great Kerry Livgren for Kansas' "Monolith" album. It's a tribute to the Kaw, a group of people who gave the state of Kansas, and by extension the group, its name.

Also known as Kanza or Kansa, the Kaw Nation is federally recognized, and they live currently in Oklahoma. They were known as both "People of Water", and "People of The South Wind".

The lyrics are a great journey through both history and one's personal life. We've all been asked the question, if you could go back and live "_________" over again, would you? I've generally answered yes. Even with the angst that existed, I'd gladly go back to relive glory days at Patrick Henry, or my early radio days, the stay-at-home Dad era. Absolutely.

It's another song from the unforgettable music year of 1979, which will contribute again in due time.

As a single, this song never reached the Top 20, peaking at #23 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also peaks at #23 here! Thank you Kansas for preserving the People of The South Wind for all time.  :)

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