Saturday, August 13, 2005

MSM....oh, yeah, they're alive and well.

So, I check out and see where the head of NARAL resigned after they pulled that ridiculous ad insinuating that Supreme Court nominee John Roberts was somehow siding with abortion clinic bombers.

I went to Didn't see the story. So, I went to Yahoo! and checked their news search for stories about the resignation.

There was only ONE. The one I had already found on Fox News.

I put in "NARAL resigned" and his name, "David Seldin".

One response.

On Google, you search David Seldin, and you get three stories:

Fox News
a blog called the Moderate Voice
and, not surprisingly,

We all know the content is why CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc, etc....aren't running with it to the point where they at least are picked up in a Yahoo or Google news search.

What's sad is, take the "issue" out of it, and what you really end up with is a bunch of media deciding what you should and should not know. That's not news reporting. That's what Tass used to do in the Soviet Union, only done more covertly and sly-like.

That's why the 'Net and blogs are such an informational godsend. Yes, you can't believe all you read, but reasoned individuals can cut through that and find truth that many don't want the masses to know.

And if I were doing a "Top Ten List" of things the MSM never want to see the light of day, #1 absolutely would be.....

"The real truth about Hillary Clinton."

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panthergirl said...

I wouldn't exactly call Fox "unbiased" news... I was sorry to hear about the head of NARAL resigning too. We don't need to make stuff up about Roberts. He's bad enough all by himself. ;)

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