Friday, August 12, 2005

Love and Marriage....Love and Marriage....

First, the love. Hmmmmmm......

Why did my blog come up on a Google search for THIS???

"(erotic | fantasy) hollywood (story | stories)" (Google)

I have been to Hollywood (in 1983); stories are everywhere (TV, blogs, radio, the Bible, our own lives...)

But I need to do a search to see if I've ever used the word "erotic" on this blog before.

Not that I don't appreciate the term, when used in the proper marital covenant context. In fact, within that proper realm, it rocks!!! :)

But now to marriage......

Imagine waking up from surgery, looking up, and at your bedside is your wife.

And your wife.

And your wife.

See this. And remember, you can't split your heart three ways. When he did, he ended up with bypass surgery!!


Well, the road to Paper Bowl IX begins tomorrow, as the 2005 POF Fantasy Football Draft takes place, and, for the first time, from two locations via the Internet!

The North Carolina teams gather in my brother's computer room in New Bern, while the Virginia contingent will gather at my life-long friend Brian Luck's house to invade his computer area.

Then we shall commence discussion in a private chat room, pick up NFL players, and try to take the title in 2005!!!

Question: If you're drafting a fantasy team, will you say the following:

"Your Team Name" selects Running Back Ricky Williams of Miami.

The chances of me doing it are better than the chances of me breaking out in erotic talk on my blog.

I love it when a post comes together.

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