Monday, August 15, 2005

I love a good storm....

...thunderstorm, that is.

No, not the kind with straight line winds and softball-sized hail. Just watching the lightning, hearing the thunder, and listening to the rain.

Robbie and I ran to CVS quickly to get Rachel some medicine tonight as the lightning got closer and closer. He told me he's still scared of it. I told him I'm not scared, but I have tremendous respect for it and always take it seriously.

You know, it's pretty cool when your 13-year-old son is honest enough to admit something scares him.


Another high school reunion meeting tonight; very, very productive! We actually were able to upgrade our food offering to a full sit-down meal, and we're very close to meeting our financial goals. I gotta make sure I get on the mic on reunion night and give a shout out to the ladies who have done so much to make this work....



I want this blog to be as honest, correct, and above board as humanly possible, so let it be known that the gentleman from NARAL who resigned over the Roberts ad flap was their Communications Director, NOT their "head director". Sorry for the boo-boo!


Speaking of NARAL, Roberts, et al....

Read paragraph two of this entry from TV Squad, which blogs on, you guessed it, TV. Give Stewart his props, he saw the farce, and called it such. I'm impressed.


And, some NFL thoughts!

1) Philadelphia Eagles: Released WR Terrell Owens. That should be printed in a newspaper sooner rather than later.

2) Rex Grossman. Man, talk about bad breaks (and I don't mean the pun!!). Several months of rehab in 2004, is only four minutes into the first pre-season game of 2005, and breaks his ankle. That caused me to not even consider taking Mushin Muhammed in our fantasy football draft Saturday. The Bears don't have anyone to throw him the ball.

3) Good first outing for Kurt Warner: The Arizona Cardinal.

Pass: K. Warner (ARI) 14-19, 151, 1 TD

I'm tellin' ya, with JJ Arrington as tailback (my pick for rookie of the year), Fitzgerald and Boldin lining up at WR, if the O-line is any good, the Cards will flourish. Why?

A) Dennis Green can coach.
B) This is the best place for Kurt Warner to rehab his career. Low interest, low expectations. He gets them to post-season and they'll probably give him a ticker-tape parade in Sun Devil Stadium.


And finally......I'm not going to buy an I-Book. :)

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