Sunday, February 05, 2017

Song #139: "Can't Stand Losing You"--The Police (1978)

America discovered The Police a little later than those in their home continent of Europe. For example, today's song was never released a single in the United States. My first remembrance of the group was when "De Do Do Do, De Dah Dah Dah" hit radio in the fall of 1980.

We haven't heard from The Police in the Top 500 since the first week of the countdown, but they return today for the second of four appearances with a song that, when you really listen to it, is about as hopeless as it gets. Comparing the absolute despair of the words with the quirky nature of the tune, however, and, all of a sudden, you find yourself singing right along.

The Police returns twice more before our countdown ends June 23rd.

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