Saturday, February 18, 2017

Song #126: "Basketball"--Kurtis Blow (1985)

It's my senior year, we are about to witness the second biggest upset in NCAA Tournament Championship in history (sorry Wildcats, but N.C. State in 1983 is the gold standard....)

Of course, we're knee deep into the glorious age of Magic and Bird in the NBA with Dr. J, Moses Malone from just down the road in Petersburg, Kareem was still hooking for deuces and so much more.

What's fun about listening to Kurtis Blow's tribute is enjoying the references to players that, for many in today's millennial generation, are just footnotes.

For every Russell Westbrook is the GOAT reference I see, I think about Oscar Robertson. When people think pure shooting ability, I think of George Gervin and Alex English. Need someone to run the point? Tiny's got you.

Then, in the snapshot of time that is early 1985, hear the younger sounding man promoting a rookie, at the time, in Chicago by the name of Michael Jordan.

Bernard King? Willis Reed stood so tall? Classic, and historic stuff. Turn it up and rap along....while I go get ready to cover another week of postseason high school basketball. Maybe they'll rap about one of our current players in the future. :)

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