Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Song #130: "Hazy Shade Of Winter"--The Bangles (1987)

Imagine an all-girl rock band taking a classic song from Simon & Garfunkel, and turning it into an even bigger hit.

That's exactly what The Bangles did with today's song, recorded for the soundtrack of the movie "Less Than Zero" in 1987. The group was very familiar with the song, having covered it in concerts for several years prior.

This song lulls you in with the soft opening, and completely ensnares you with the first sounds of the driving guitar riff and drum beats. After that, you are putty in its hands.

The video for the song, for its time, was pretty futuristic. Had they had a stage filled with Samsung Galaxy S7 phones rather than TV screens......hmmm.......

We have one more Bangles song to go, coming up, in the spring, maybe even late in the spring. Hint. Hint.  :)

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